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LIBRA world tour

It has been quite a month, LIBRA traverse the globe to disseminate our scientific results, representing #nyuabudhabi. From the 12th World Biomaterials Congress in Daegu Korea #wbc2024 #wbc2024daegu (may 26 - 31), to Seattle Washington where the 7th Tissue Engineering and Regenerative World Congress #termis2024 was held (Jun 25 - 28). All facets of our immunomechanobiology research were presented. We also presented our findings on immune dysfunction at the International Society for Gravitational Physiology in Dubai (May 26 - 31).

  • “Improving stem cell differentiation potency using simulated microgravity” - selected oral presentation

  • “Deciphering the complexity of tissue repair: 3D models, fibrosis, and beyond” - invited keynote presentation

  • “Molecular weight of matrix-bound hyaluronic acid as a regulator of dendritic cell immune potency” - poster presentation

  • “Matrix alignment and density modulate YAP-mediated T-cell immune suppression” - poster presentation

  • "Artificial Biosystem for Modulation of Interactions between Antigen-Presenting Cells and T Cells” - poster presentation

  • "Fibroblastic Reticular Network Regulates Antibody Production by PBMCs" - selected oral presentation

  • "Biomaterials-based Platform for Ex Vivo T Cell Expansion" - selected oral presentation

  • "Enhancing Stem Cell Potency Using Simulated Microgravity" - poster presentation

  • "Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Immune System Potency in 3D Microenvironment" - selected presentation

As with all conferences, we hope our results made little impressions and steered new discussions and directions, as we soaked in and cherished all the learning and networking opportunities presented to us.

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