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PhD Positions

LIBRA is recruiting! Fellowships for PhD students to pursue immunobioengineering research at New York University Abu Dhabi. Crazy environment and team, but exciting work which encompasses cell microenvironment mimicry, living cells dynamics, and image-omics. Deadline: 2024 December for Fall 2025 intake



Spend 1 year in NYU Tandon

3 years at NYU Abu Dhabi with world class facilities for research

Graduate with NYU degree


Programs associated with LIBRA

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering


Fellowship Requirements

Prestigious Global PhD Student Fellowship


GRE: Quantitative: >165; Verbal: >150 Analytical: >3.5;

TOEFL: >100;

IELTS: >7.5

Undergraduate GPA of >3.5; 

Graduate GPA >3.7


NB: English requirements waived if degrees are from English speaking institutions


Current students

Aseel Alatoom (Mechanical Engineering)

Shaza Karaman (Biomedical Engineering)

Brian Quartey (Biomedical Engineering

science and students.jpg

Research Assistantships

Various other opportunities are available at LIBRA for students pursuing PhD or Masters degrees and looking for visiting positions, Undergraduate students can refer to NYUAD's undergraduate research webpage to see other forms of formal opportunities. Please email for further discussions.

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