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Tissue engineering of lymphoid organs

Associated Publications & more

• J.C.M. Teo, C. Stefanini, A. Abdullah, B. Samara, A. Shanti, Microfluidic device for generating an in vitro lymph node
o World Intellectual Property Organization Patent No. WO2019069224, Apr 11, 2019
o United States Patent No. 11478798
o European Patent No. EP3691790, Apr 13, 2022
o Chinese Patent No. ZL2018800640254, Jan 4, 2022

Immune cell communication occurs most flurriedly in lymphoid organs where regulation or deregulation of immunity occurs. As the existence of accurate lymphoid organs model for regulation investigations is lacking, using tissue engineering strategies applying biomaterials, micro devices and computer-based quantitative biology, we aim to bioengineer optimized representative 3D models that recapitulates the native in vivo microarchitecture, cellular constituents, and biophysical cues within such organs.

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